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Meet Our Royalty

Meet the girls who work all year long to raise money for our championship show. If you see one of these lovely ladies at a show, please ask them how you can support our wonderful organization!


Hello this is your 2023 Interstate Queen Cole Collins! I want to start off by thanking everyone for all the love and support that you have shown me throughout my journey. As most of you know some things in my life have changed drastically, but it is what I choose to do with it that fuels me to keep moving on and becoming better. Since I have become Queen, I have been out in the community sharing my passion about our organization. I will be riding in a few parades and I have continued to work on sponsorships for the 2024 season. I transferred to Cascade High School where I am a junior. I will be attending both conventions and I am so excited to see everyone and congratulate them on all their hard work and an awesome year. Becoming Interstate Queen is one of the biggest things I have accomplished in life. As I take on these new responsibilities I am happy to hear that we have two princesses for Washington and one close to declaring in Oregon! I am so happy to answer their questions and help them in any way possible! I’m looking forward to a great year ahead! Sincerely- Queen Cole Collins

2023 Interstate Queen
Cole Collins

Hey there! My name is Jojo Lindsey and I am one of your 2024 Interstate Queen candidates. I am the 18 year old daughter of Ashley and Taylor Lindsey, and we reside in Everson, WA.  Last year I graduated from Mount Baker high school where I competed on the High School Equestrian team as well as varsity basketball. My plan after high school is to go to the Oklahoma horse shoeing school with the hopes to become a great and respected ferrier in my area. I also have plans to attend Vet Tech School in the near future and hope to work at the Northwest Veterinary clinic of Mount Vernon.


I have been a part of the Nooksack Valley riders and PSHA for a little over three years but it has felt like a life time. I have been blessed with amazing people to show me the ropes and catch me up to speed quickly! From not knowing how to ride at all in 2017 to where I am competing today on one of the craziest mares around. I started my PSHA journey on ole trusty Bird who showed me a ton, along side Burgess who tested my patience daily. Those two paint geldings have a spot in my heart forever. I have now moved on to Peppy, my beloved red mare, and Tomichi, who isn’t quite running with the big dogs but she’s on her way. I have been competing with these two for about two years and couldn’t ask for it any other way. Some of the most amazing athletes and partners a girl could ever have.


Interstate is fairly new to me but has been an amazing experience each time I’ve gone! My first year going was in 2021 when I was 16 and I competed with Bird. We only made it in two individual events along with a few team events. It was so much fun and all of the people there were welcoming and made it an amazing experience despite the lack of luck with my runs. My second year at Interstate I qualified in every individual event with Peppy and some team events with my amazing friends and family. Peppy waited until the last second to get our final time for 7A, for PSHA, and did it with a bang! We won poles, getting my first ever buckle and completing our 7A journey in just three months together. It was an uplifting experience to say the least! I am honored to ride such an amazing mare and compete along side the great people in this organization.


PSHA and WHO have helped me grow so much as a person already and I am ready for more of it! In just the three years I have traveled to Interstate, I have met some amazing people who keep me wanting to show up. I am excited to meet more of our friends from Oregon and explore more arenas near and far! I am ready to give back to the organization that has shown me so much.


I am extremely excited to be able to represent PSHA and WHO this year! I hope everyone has an amazing season filled with clean, safe and fast runs!


Your 2024 Interstate Princess,

Jojo Lindsey

Jojo Lindsey.jpg

2024 Interstate Princess
Jojo Lindsey

2024 Interstate Princess
Emma Albright

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