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Sponsorship Opportunities

Corporate Sponsorship:    $5000
  • Name/Logo on Official Program Cover

  • Ad inside front cover of program

  • Name/Logo on 32 championship buckles

  • Name/Logo on Barrels

  • 8 pages of ads in program

  • Corporate Banners (provided by sponsor) in arena

  • Arena Flags (provided by sponsor)

  • Sponsor Buckle

Championship Awards Sponsor: $1500
  • ​Name on Fenders of 2 Hi-Point Saddles -or-

       Name on fenders of Queen Saddle -or-

       Name placed on 32 reserve championship awards -or-

       Name placed on 32 third place awards

  • Two full pages of advertising in official program (both sides)

  • One 2'x3' Championship Sponsor Banner (provided by Interstate)

  • Corporate banners (provided by sponsor) in arena

  • Vendor Space

**First sponsor sold to receive first available awards, etc.**

Bronze Sponsorship: $750
  • Judge/Timer Vests -or- readerboards -or- magnetic trailer sign 

  • Two full pages in official program

  • Announcement during show

  • One 2'x3' Bronze Sponsorship Banner (Provided by Interstate)

  • One 2'x3' Banner in Arena (provided by sponsor)

Steward/Judge/Timer Vests $500

  • Set of 10 vests to be worn throughout Championship Show

  • Vendor Space

Reader Boards $500
  • Sponsor Name on banners to hang from reader boards (set of two)

  • Vendor Space

Magnetic Trailer Signs $500
  • To be displayed on Interstate Equipment trailer & Princess' Trailer

  • Vendor Space

Back Cover of Program $300
  • Odd Years Washington/Even Years Oregon

  • Vendor Space

Buckle Sponsorship: $250
  • One Full Page Ad in Program

  • Announcement During Sponsored Event

  • One 2'x3' banner in arena (Provided by Interstate)

  • Vendor Space

Colored Page Ad $230
  • Double Sided ad in Official Program on Colored Paper

  • Includes Vendor Space

Inside Back Cover of Program $200
  • Odd Years Oregon/Even Years Washington

  • Vendor Space

Vendor Space
  • Includes full page ad in Official Program

Full Page: $100
Half Page: $50

All Program Advertisement is designed by the vendor and displayed in our program of 200+ pages in a standard

8 1/2 x 11" book. Each book is sold to local northwest equine enthusiast who attend our show

For information on advertisement please contact our Sponsor Coordinator.

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